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Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Photos Your Way the way to earn money with your Best Photo and Graphic Collection.

Want to make money for yourself?

Photos Your Way can help! All you need to do is refer friends and family to photosyourway.com, a free image sharing and photo storage site. Ask them to register with your unique referral code and post some of their pictures online.  Upon verification of each registration and completed upload, you earn $1. Payments will be made in $25 increments, up to $25,000!

NO PURCHASE IS NEEDED in order to receive payment. Referral codes will expire after 45 days and payment will be made after 60 days.

Getting started is easy:

1. Apply for a referral code by filling out the form.
2. If approved, we will provide you with:
A unique referral code and a link to online reporting where you can track your progress
Tools to help you promote this program.
Customized Email to forward to friends and family.
Customized Flyer to distribute in to your contacts.
3. Spread the word.

Image sharing photo sites are on the rise and for good reason. They can help you share (and appreciate) your photos, compared to storing (and ignoring) them on your computer's hard drive. Free up your computer's memory and store your pictures online for FREE at Photosyourway.com.
Why Photos Your Way?

Photos Your Way is an easy and safe way to store, organize and enjoy your photos. Your computer's hard drive won'f last forever and digital storage devices can be hard to keep organized.

Save money on duplicate prints and postage. Photos Your Way is a fun and easy way to share your photos with friends and family. Unlike other photo sharing sites, Photosyourway.com gives you and those whom you grant viewing permission full access to download your photos so you can print them yourself or have them printed at the location of your choice. Or, enjoy Walgreens full array of photo products and services conveniently integrated with photosyourway.com.

Photos Your Way offers two ways for you to make money. First, you can earn $1 for each person you refer who subsequently registers and posts their own photos at photosyourway.com. Second, you can opt to sell downloads of your photos, your images will be licensed for use in print, brochures, websites and more! By doing this you are upgraded from 7gb of storage to unlimited storage! The choice is yours, which is why we call it Photos Your Way.

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