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Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

How to use niftystat software to start make money

1. Join This program under this link : Click here!

* Click the Get niftystats free and please register for free
* Once the register is complete, please log into the members area at:
(Detail password sent to email)
* Login to the member area and download the "NiftySetup.exe" and install into your computer to finish (finish)
* Run the software and log into the software niftystats with the same login data on the web niftystats.

2. You Must be a member / user is active in niftystats

* After the download and run the software, you must add at least 1 program affiliate programs such as: linkbucks, clickbank, paypal, adsense etc..
This software is 100% can be in trust and secure access to your account. But if you hesitate to add paypal, clickbank etc., then can follow the simple tips below:
* Join just one affiliate program that has been registered in niftystats example: Linkbucks
* Register / signup Linkbucks (free) and then get your username and password
* Login to the software niftystats then right click your mouse, select "Affiliate Program" and click "Add Program"
* Once the new window appears, please select the Group "Advertising" and click "Linkbucks" and click "Add selected"
* Next enter the "Username and Password" you linkbucks and click "OK"
* Then add the program you've done at least 1 course of linkbucks and registered as a member or active Users
* You must use / login to the software niftystats more  time for an active and registered as a user can run the affiliate program of niftystats.

3. Tips to get an affiliate link and the Commission of $ 5 per install for free

* Login to the web niftystats.com members area: https: / / secure.niftystats.com / member-section.php
* Click the "Affiliate Program" and fill all the necessary data
* To get the ID refferal, fill in any word in the box "New Campaign Name" and click the "Create"
* Get your referral link there. Examples of my referral link like this:
* Promote your referral link and ask your friends or someone else to install / use software niftystats from your link and become active users a case of the instructions above.
* You will earn $ 5 commission per active user
* Minimum payment is $ 100 via paypal
* Commission paid around the 15th of each month
* And most importantly not to pay extra to join or to get a commission, just an attempt to encourage colleagues to do the same as above
If you encourage people to upgrade it will be better.

Guide With Pictures.

1. Run the software and login with username and password the same as registering earlier.

2. Click Affiliate Program select the group, select affiliate program here i will take clickbank for an example then select Add Program

3. A new screen will appear, select Clickbank as affiliate programs for and example and then click Add Selected.

- Fill in your username and password data as in your clickbank affiliate ID and click OK


* You must add at least 1 program (linkbucks, niftystats, clickbank, adsense, etc), then close the software and log in again.
* So for the first time using the software,
after the add-cap software program and then login again.
* Loading and Use of this software every day or every time you online
* Promote and earn $ 5 commission each time you invite others to join and become active users. Commission $ 5 free just by referring users without the need to sell
* If your referral upgrade to the PRO then you get an additional commission of $ 20 per upgrade
* Payment via paypal at least $ 100 each on 15.

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